Coulter trashes Nikki Haley: She’s a "bimbo," "accidentally elected because she’s pretty"

If you thought Ann Coulter already went as far as she was going to with her comments about Nikki Haley, oh man were you wrong.

Coulter spoke with Fox News Radio host John Gibson earlier today and, after she went off on the GOP establishment and sang Donald Trump‘s praises, she again said it was amazing that the official Republican State of the Union response attacked Trump on immigration, the one issue she says he’s really good on.

And then she said, of Haley, “I think she’s a bimbo.”

Gibson objected to the language, and Coulter proceeded to complain about PC policing, saying, “I’m saying something I think is true, I think she is a bimbo!”

Coulter elaborated, “She is a woman who was accidentally elected because she’s pretty and isn’t very bright, can we say that?”