Ted Cruz ‘birtherism’ has sparked a civil war in conservative media

If you thought some in the conservative media lost their minds over President Obama’s birth certificate, you were right. But the current brouhaha over Ted Cruz’s place of birth — in which Donald Trump reprises his role as chief instigator — might be even more compelling, in its own way, because of the civil war it has sparked on the right side of the press.

Witness this week’s heated exchange on MSNBC (of all places) between conservative provocateur Ann Coulter and Republican media strategist Liz Mair. Coulter insisted that Cruz — born in Canada but a U.S. citizen from the moment he left the womb, thanks to his mother’s citizenship — is not eligible to be president. Mair asserted with equal force that Cruz is eligible and at one point charged that Coulter is “in no way conservative.” Card revoked!

(Coulter is an ardent supporter of Trump, the GOP presidential front-runner; Mair heads the anti-Trump super PAC Make America Awesome.)