ISIS creates its own secure messaging app

Ghost Security Group, formerly known as GhostSec, has been involved in tracking and taking down ISIS social media accounts and websites over the last year, claiming to have removed around 57,000 ISIS social media accounts used for recruitment and propaganda purposes. The counter terrorism group has previously told Newsweek that it believes ISIS is in the process of recruiting hackers to help in a “cyber jihad” against the West.

“After the US drone strike against [prominent ISIS hacker] Junaid Hussain, the cyber caliphate’s effectiveness has declined dramatically and they currently pose little threat to Western society in terms of data breaches, however that is subject to change at any time,” a spokesperson for Ghost Security Group said.

“The Islamic State is recruiting heavily, which opens the possibilities for them to find skilled technical individuals to carry out cyber attacks but currently we have not encountered any which we would deem as a severe threat.”