Delicious: Hillary slams Bernie Sanders over ... universal health care?

Socialist Bernie Sanders — whose proposed tax-and-spend binge makes President Obama’s unprecedented debt accrual look like child’s play — ought to be saluted for performing a valuable public service. By turning up the heat on his liberal rival, he’s forced Hillary Clinton and the Democratic establishment to unequivocally acknowledge, on the record, that implementing a single-payer government-run healthcare system would require battering middle class Americans with massive tax increases. And what would taxpayers get in return? The nightmare of an even more bloated, unresponsive healthcare system that’s owned and operated by our incompetent federal bureaucracy. “Medicare for all” may sound appealing at first, until one realizes that even with all of the taxes and service cuts (imposed to pay for Obamacare), that program is on a rapid and inexorable path to insolvency. That’s arithmetic, not politics. It’s also worth noting that the federal government administers healthcare for veterans, and for many Native Americans.