Poll: Views of Trump, Carson and Bush dim, as Christie and Cruz rise

While no candidate is liked by a majority of Americans, Trump’s and Bush’s ratings are significantly worse at this point than any candidates since 1984 who have won their parties’ nominations. Trump’s net favorable rating (percent favorable minus percent unfavorable) is -27, while Bush’s is -23.

The closest analog is Mitt Romney, who held a net negative rating of -15 in January 2012 and -16 in March of that year. George W. Bush held very typical ratings in February 2000 with a plus-10 net favorable rating. Jeb Bush and Trump’s ratings are closer to those of Newt Gingrich in early 2012, who held a -22 net favorable rating in January and -28 rating in March. (Gingrich, of course, lost the nomination fight to Romney.)