Huckabee on Cruz: The country needs a leader, not a lawyer

“Look, Ted’s a great lawyer,” Huckabee said Tuesday about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. “But I don’t think American needs a good lawyer right now, it needs a good leader. My question to you would be can you name me what efforts (Cruz) has been a leader in … He’s been a senator. He’s been a lawyer and a lobbyist … What has Ted Cruz done in his life that prepares him to be president of the United States?”

Huckabee’s comments came during a 12-minute exchange with Joseph Brown, pastor of Marion Avenue Baptist Church in Washington, Iowa. Brown, who started a coalition of Iowa pastors who support Cruz, began the conversation with a question about why the candidate has said Cruz tailors his comments about same-sex marriage to the audiences he addresses.

“He’s saying the same things you are saying,” Brown said.