"You are in no way conservative!" Coulter, Liz Mair battle over Trump on MSNBC

Ann Coulter and Liz Mair fought on MSNBC tonight over Donald Trump‘s conservative credentials… and at one point, Coulter’s own credentials.

Mair repeatedly told Chris Matthews that Trump is a liberal who is to the left of Hillary Clinton on some issues, but said many conservatives only like him because of his immigration stance.

Coulter, basically, made that same argument from a different perspective: it really doesn’t matter where Trump stands on most other issues because immigration is the most important issue. She lamented how Americans are being “out-voted by foreigners” and how Trump is the first person to “finally take America’s side” on the immigration issue.

They also differed on the question of whether Cruz is a natural-born citizen. Mair said yes, while Coulter said it’s a problem. Mair pointed out that Coulter was on the other side of this issue three years ago. Coulter’s response? “I changed my mind.”