Jeb Bush's Super PAC is now an anti-Rubio Super PAC

It’s like Mike Murphy never had his heart into backing Bush. He just wants to beat up Marco. Seriously, the ad quality in the pro-Bush ads was terrible. Now suddenly they’re running slick ads against Rubio all over the place. The ads are at a higher production value and also being run with what looks like greater frequency.

More and more it seems to be a case of Jeb Bush’s Super PAC going off the reservation just to attack Rubio. The attacks against Donald Trump have amounted to a billboard or two while the Rubio attacks are a sustained air war by a candidate who is less and less viable by the day.

Jeb Bush, at this point, really should denounce his Super PAC. Bush is not going to be the nominee, but is getting backed by a Super PAC doing its level best to stop someone who is a potential nominee and a Bush protege. I know it is personal for Bush, who feels betrayed by Rubio, but the polling shows it was never going to be him. Too many Republicans have moved into the “anybody but Bush” camp through no fault of Bush’s. And now Bush’s team has turned to nonstop character assassination against a candidate who tried to get passed a policy Jeb Bush himself supported. Even more laughable is Bush’s campaign directly attacking Rubio for being part of the “Establishment,” which is the Old French word for “Bush Family.”