Bernie Sanders: Bill Clinton's Lewinsky conduct "totally disgraceful"

Sen. Bernie Sanders told Iowans Friday that former President Bill Clinton’s White House sexual misdeeds were “totally disgraceful and unseemly.”

Sanders, who was holding a town hall, made the comments when pressed by an attendee about Clinton’s behavior, specifically the affair with Monica Lewinsky during his second term.

“Hillary Clinton is not Bill Clinton,” Sanders said. “What Bill Clinton did, I think we can all acknowledge was totally, totally, totally disgraceful and unseemly.”

“I am running against Hillary Clinton, we’re not running against Bill Clinton,” Sanders said, noting he was in Iowa recently. “But I am running against Hillary Clinton, and I believe … what we need to do as a nation — certainly something the Republicans are not doing — is focus on the bloody issues facing this country!”

Sanders noted further that what he is trying to do is contrast his record with that of the former secretary of state.