Huckabee: Cruz "childish” for suggesting I drop out so conservatives can unify

Mike Huckabee said Thursday that it’s “rather childish” for Ted Cruz to suggest candidates drop out of the race to ensure the conservative voice isn’t splintered.

Iowa radio host Simon Conway said Cruz’s warning that a split in the conservative vote would allowing a moderate Republican to win the nomination could be directed at Huckabee and Santorum.

Huckabee replied, “Well, I mean, that is certainly something he is going to want to say, but my question would be, why not rally around me? Why not rally around Rick Santorum?”

“I mean when one candidate starts telling other candidates where they should be in this race, I’m just thinking, frankly, you’re not the reason I got into the race, and you’re not going to be the reason I get out, it to me sounds rather childish to start telling people that they ought to get out of the race, to make room for someone else,” the former Arkansas governor and Republican presidential candidate said.