"All of a sudden you're kind of a celebrity, and a celebrity that people want to take advantage of"

“The perception is that you’re never going to worry about money again. In fact, you’re going to have to worry about it more than you ever, ever have before,” Paul Golden, a spokesman for the Denver-based non-profit National Endowment for Financial Education, said…

There are plenty of cautionary tales. William “Bud” Post, an Oil City, Pennsylvania, man who won $16.2 million in 1988, said five years after his win, “Everybody dreams of winning money, but nobody realizes the nightmares that come out of the woodwork, or the problems.”

For Post, who died in 2006, there were a lot of problems: a landlady who forced him to give her a third of his jackpot, a brother who hired a hit-man to kill him and his sixth wife, an assault conviction — just to name a few.

“I was much happier when I was broke,” he once said.