Why Scott Walker will never, ever issue a pardon in response to ‘Making a Murderer’

Since the day he got into office, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) has made pardons a hard no.

Even though the ability to restore rights to convicted criminals is one of the broadest powers that Walker — and almost every other governor — has, the second-term governor shunned the idea well before Netflix’s “Making a Murderer” became a political sensation.

(CAUTION: Some mild spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the show.)

A petition to the White House requesting a pardon of Steven Avery, who is serving a life sentence for a 2007 murder conviction that his attorneys argue he was framed for, has reached 100,000 signatures — even though President Obama doesn’t have the purview to pardon a state convict.

Walker does have the power to pardon Avery, but as MinnPost’s Andy Mannix reports, he won’t.