Jeb Bush won't commit to supporting Trump if nominee: "That's not a yes, it's not a no"

Jeb Bush won’t commit to supporting Donald Trump if he is the Republican nominee for president after being asked by radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt multiple times.

HUGH HEWITT: I want to come back to the ’94 deal in just a moment, but to be clear, if Donald Trump is the nominee, will Jeb Bush support him and campaign for him?

JEB BUSH: Donald Trump will not be the nominee, because of the reasons we’re discussing right now. I think there will be, particularly here, I’m in New Hampshire today, as people begin to realize the responsibilities they have as first in the nation primary voters, that they will take into consideration that we’re nominating a candidate to beat Hillary Clinton, which I don’t think he can do, and we’re nominating someone who could be president, which requires leadership skills and understanding of how the world works.

HH: But if he were, and I asked this question, I have to ask it twice of everyone.

JB: Yeah.

HH: If he were, would you support him?

JB: Donald Trump’s not going to be the nominee. So you asked me twice, and I answered you twice.