Debbie Wasserman Schultz faces palace coup at DNC

Last month, Wasserman Schultz single handedly alienated a large, energetic segment of Bernie Sanders’ base, caused one of her chief lieutenants to rip on the DNC on live television and now has numerous petitions calling for her ouster. #YOLO

The White House (and others) even attempted to peer-pressure her out in 2014 after accusing her of putting her own ambitions over the party.

In response to the latest flood of criticism, Wasserman Schultz has attempted to walk her comment back, but the damage may already be done. The progressive group CREDO Action jumped at the anti-millennial-feminist charge and circulated a petition to its 3.9 million strong liberal army calling on Wasserman Schultz to step down. Within a couple days the online petition garnered more than 10,000 outraged signatures…

In some ways, Wasserman Schultz may be the greatest gift the Democratic Party has given the GOP in this Trump-era. She enjoys a national perch where she’s charged with keeping the White House in Democratic hands, but she’s alienated—or alienating—the most energetic wing of her party.