Ted Cruz is running a glorious campaign -- and I still hate him

1. He’s a slippery, unlikable, untrustworthy jackanapes that I can never support.

2. He’s going to adopt and forcefully advocate for policy ideas I believe in.

3. He is running the smartest campaign in the Republican presidential race. (Damn it.)

He has a path too.

Even with his national polling lead, Donald Trump still seems to be hitting a ceiling in the race. That means one of the other candidates will likely beat him by consolidating support among anti-Trump Republicans. The best bets look like Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. But is it really fair to equate the two? Cruz has already surged ahead of Donald Trump in Iowa. He is polling second in New Hampshire and South Carolina (though far behind Trump, admittedly). Cruz is better positioned than Rubio in the polls and is consistently getting the better of Rubio each time they jockey for position.