Mark Levin on Cruz's eligibility: I don't have to agree with Trump like our friends at Breitbart

Levin began by saying, “I like Donald Trump. I like him a lot. I think he’s done great things in the last six months, but I’m not chasing shiny objects, and I’m not chasing squirrels. And just because he says something doesn’t mean I have to agree with it like our friends over at Breitbart who are going all kinds of crazy over the birther issue.” He added that the birther issue with both Cruz and President Obama is “stupid,” no one has standing to challenge it, no court would take it up, and is “just not true.” Levin continued that “the liberals love this stuff.”…

Levin further stated, “I don’t believe in cults of personality. Some websites do. Some commentators do. Fine. I’m not one of them.” And that “chasing another dumbass issue” wouldn’t help save the country, or change a single vote, but only gives the media an excuse to ignore Obama’s gun control actions.

He concluded the first segment with, “Stop chasing liberal arguments. Don’t accept cults of personality. Be freedom-loving, constitutional conservatives. Have self-respect. Stand on principle. And let us beat the liberals.”