The big opening for Bernie

So where’s Bernie Sanders? If he were a more normal politician, this would be his moment to say — more in sorrow than in anger — how disappointed he is in Hillary Clinton. She backed down to a bully (whether or not you think Trump is a bully, the Democratic base certainly does). He should say something like (Try to read it in his voice):

“I am saddened and disappointed that Mrs. Clinton has allowed herself to be intimidated by Donald Trump. I understand that she doesn’t want to talk about the inappropriate behavior of her husband. I wouldn’t either. This is old news and we’ve already wasted too much time on Clinton scandals. How much time did we waste on those damn emails? All because of bad choices made by Mrs. Clinton by the way. Regardless, this is just another example of how Mrs. Clinton’s political baggage, going back decades, prevents her from being an effective voice for our cause. If she can be so easily bullied into backing down from telling the truth about Donald Trump’s sexism, who else can she be intimidated by? I for one will not be bullied by Mr. Trump or anybody else. He. Is. A. Sexist.”