Thank you, Mr. Trump. Keep attacking the Clintons.

Fact No. 4: One-half of American voters, according to the latest year-end Quinnipiac University poll completed on Dec. 22, 2015, say that they would be “embarrassed to have Trump as president.” (The poll had a margin of error under 3 percent). That’s right: One-half of all voters sampled from all parties.

In the same poll, Hillary Clinton defeats Trump 47 percent to 40 percent (beyond the margin of error). If translated into a final general election vote, this means Hillary Clinton would win by a landslide.

Of course, all general election polls at this stage are virtually meaningless — except that Trump keeps falsely touting them as showing he is ahead of Hillary Clinton.

So, my message to The Donald: Thank you for your great idea. Please keep up your personal attacks on Bill and Hillary Clinton.