Let us not be consumed by the mob

The mob-rule crowd gnaws on any piece of political red meat thrown out as truth, never checking to see what kind of flesh it just consumed. None of this represents true conservatism. All of it is pure populism, and it is radically contaminating conservatism’s values.

“While everyone certainly gets and agrees with some of the frustration out there, many of these ‘angry as hell, not going take it any more’ citizens share responsibility for this environment,” said Chip Felkel, a South Carolina businessman and former Republican strategist.

Many of them refused to engage or participate in politics — some for a long time, he explained. “For years, many paid more attention to ‘American Idol’ and their favorite NFL team than who is leading our country and how. And now, their vitriol and anger and victimhood overflows, (but) it’s pretty clear that many didn’t give a damn,” as indicated by low voter turnouts of the past 30 years, he said.

They also keep voting the same people into office, despite holding a dark view of Congress: Nearly 90 percent of incumbents are re-elected every two years.