Trump is smart to remind voters of Clinton drama

This is why people cotton to Donald Trump. Because the media have ridiculous double standards where major media outlets can run stories on the front page, containing no evidence whatsoever, alleging sexual infidelities on the part of candidates they oppose, while wondering if you can discuss the former president’s oral-anal fixation even after it’s mentioned in court documents. And the Republican candidates put up with it until Donald Trump comes along and plays a bit of hardball…

So yes, if Hillary Clinton wants to run for office, tweet about rape culture and bring ol’ Bill out to help her, it’s all fair game. And it’s a game that does not play to her strengths. Donald Trump was smart to bring it up, particularly in the fashion he did. He’s not saying either Clinton’s behavior is disqualifying, just that they can’t play the sexism card with him without him bringing it up.

And in the same way that Trump reminded Republican voters this week about why they rejected Christie in the first place (hint: Obama embrace in the Fall of 2012), Trump is reminding all Americans why they grew so weary of the Clintons so long ago.

It may not be polite, but it’s ruthlessly effective and efficient.