Video: The worst of MSNBC in 2015

Matthews also laughed at a Latina woman who said she liked being in the Republican Party, and he remarked that GOP presidential hopefuls Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz were “Cuban nationals.” Harris-Perry asked the Attorney General of the United States to “quack like a duck,” and now-canceled Ed Schultz wondered if it was time to think about “disarming the police.”

There was more inanity from the supposedly straight news reporters, as well.

Foreign affairs corresopndent Ayman Mohyeldin said that Chris Kyle, the Navy sniper and late subject of the hit movie American Sniper, went on “killing sprees” in Iraq, and Andrea Mitchell and reporter Kerry Sanders took viewers on an intimate tour of the San Bernardino killers’ apartment in a low moment in cable news history. In fairness, MSNBC was not the only offender.

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