Scorned Trump team turns on Trey Gowdy, a man they once loved

Before signing on with Trump as national spokeswoman, Pierson was the face of the Tea Party Leadership Fund—a widely derided, so-called scam PAC—that existed largely to cull donations from naive old people by sending out frantic emails about the impact their $25 emergency donation could have on the wellbeing of the Constitution. The Leadership Fund also rents their email list to companies that sell survival food (sample subject line: “FEMA Hates This”). Pierson didn’t respond to a request for comment.

On Oct. 6 Pierson blasted out an email to the group’s list saying that if only a few good patriots could cough up the cash, Trey Gowdy might be persuaded to run for Speaker.

“Congressmen Gowdy is well known for standing strong on principle, despite the mainstream media or public opinion—these qualities will make him an excellent Speaker of the House and would return the House GOP to a strong position,” Pierson wrote.

“Gowdy hasn’t back down to the political elites on Benghazi. AND I’m willing to say he wouldn’t have compromised and capitulated to Barack Obama like John Boehner did to the last,” she added, urging email recipients to sign a Draft Gowdy petition.

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