The GOP establishment can't beat Hillary. Period.

The alleged abuser here is Bill Clinton (who did in fact settle a sexual harassment suit). The issue here, however, is Hillary Clinton, who stands accused of defaming, threatening, and attempting to personally destroy these women in an effort to silence them — to protect their abuser.

Trump understands the potency of the Democrats’ phony War on Women card. Trump also understands that when it comes to playing that card, the DC Media is a huge ally to Democrats. This is why Trump long ago positioned his chess pieces to immediately shut down these phony attacks.

Using the truth, Trump will GO THERE. In return, as we saw with Wright, Ayers, Rezko, and Benghazi, the DC Media will attempt to make it blowback on him. But as we have seen with everything else our lying media has attempted to cover up, Trump will not back down.

On the other hand, our lily-livered Republican Establishment, fearing this media blowback and too incompetent to deal with it, will just roll over and lose the 2016 election. Hillary and her DC Media allies will manufacture another Todd Akin, and the GOP will respond by once again assuming the fetal position.

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