It's time for everyone except Trump, Cruz, Rubio, and Christie to drop out

But make no mistake: These aforementioned candidates — Trump, Rubio, Cruz and Christie — are the final four contenders in the race for the Republican nomination. It’s time the other candidates drop out. The field needs to winnow.

Jeb Bush did fine in the debate — it may have actually been his best performance — but he just doesn’t have the “it” factor that is necessary to win at this level in our current media environment.

Ben Carson’s campaign is on the decline and it won’t rise again. People don’t perceive him as a man who can protect them in this age of terror. Nothing was more emblematic of Carson’s fall than Trump heaping praise on him during the debate when just weeks ago Trump was comparing him to a child molester as the neurosurgeon was threatening the real estate mogul in the polls.

Paul, who was on the main stage debate only because CNN bent their own rules in his favor, is now a libertarian message candidate with no prospect of winning the nomination (if he ever really had one). Carly Fiorina is a steady debater, but she failed to capitalize on her moment in the sun in the fall and can now only hope to be on the presidential ticket as the vice-presidential nominee. And you know your campaign is all but over when you are making the case that you should be the nominee because you are a from a particular state, like John Kasich did Tuesday night.

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