The great Super PAC bust

A New York Times report on Wednesday detailed how super PACs are changing their approach to the race by focusing less on purchasing television ads and more on campaign tasks typically reserved for the campaigns themselves. The money that has been invested in television ads over the course of the last few months hasn’t helped boost candidates as expected…

According to the Times report, super PACs will now oversee “data-collection programs, digital advertising, email lists, opposition research, and voter registration.” But the move suggests that money just might not matter as much as super PACs would like their donors to believe.

Super PACs were expected to help candidates stay in the race, with the unlimited amounts of donor money they could collect and spent on candidates’ behalf. Donors can only give up to $2,700 directly to a candidate; there is no limit on what they can donate to super PACs. Politico predicts that super PACs will spend $5 billion over the course of the presidential race.

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