Trump and the gender gap

Trump’s gender gap is larger in the other national poll conducted after last week’s debate — a Fox News poll that showed him in a stronger position overall. It had Trump at 46 percent among men and just 30 percent among women.

But Trump is clearly relying heavily in the primary race on less-educated men. According to unpublished crosstabs for Tuesday’s Quinnipiac poll, provided to POLITICO, not only is Trump’s highest score on the ballot test among men without a college degree — 33 percent — those Republicans are also most likely to have a favorable opinion of him.

Fully 74 percent of non-college men who identify as Republicans or Republican-leaning independents have a favorable impression of Trump, compared with 57 percent of male college graduates.

Those numbers drop off among women. The poll found that 50 percent of female college graduates have a favorable view of the real estate mogul. And there’s less of a difference across the education level — just 51 percent of female non-college graduates say they look upon Trump favorably.

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