Let's end this cage match between Rubio and Cruz

Democrats, and the professional Latinos who cover for them, are right to worry about the possibility of Trump collapsing and the Republican nominee being someone with a surname like “Cruz” or “Rubio.”

Hillary Clinton will probably do well with voters across the board in the general election. And yet her support from Latinos is a mile-wide but an inch-deep. It’s like there is this song playing in the Latino community, and Clinton just can’t hear the beat.

Besides, the presumptive Democratic nominee has a whole binder full of Senate votes and past statements on immigrants and refugees that make her sound like the Goldwater Girl she claims to have been in the 1960s. She has spent so much time and effort in the last few years trying to pander to white voters who are anxious about immigration that it won’t be easy to make a u-turn and start pandering to Latinos.

Of course, when it comes to Latinos, not all is lost for Democrats. They have one card left to play. Clinton could still add a little salsa to the party’s ticket by tapping Julian Castro as her running mate. Once considered an idea that was far-fetched, the idea that Clinton might call the Housing Secretary up to the majors becomes much more plausible if either Cruz or Rubio is atop the Republican ticket.

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