How Trump may be helping Hillary

Trump’s attack recalls a series of unlikely political pivot points for the former first lady. One notable instance came in her first debate as a candidate for elective office when her Republican opponent for the U.S. Senate, Rick Lazio, infamously walked across a debate stage, wagged his finger and demanded she sign a campaign finance pledge. In the same debate, moderator Tim Russert elicited gasps from the audience when he asked Clinton a blunt question about her husband’s infidelity. As happened in 2008, when a Clinton beat back a surging Barack Obama in the Democratic presidential primary after a rare teary moment on the campaign trail, her moments of vulnerablity make often turn to her political advantage.

Steve McMahon, a Democratic strategist, called Trump’s attack “misogynistic” and predicted it will rally women to Clinton’s side.

“It reminds the women who love her so much of the kinds of things that professional and successful women have to go through every day. So it solidifies and strengthens her core female vote, which is fantastic for her,” McMahon said. “She’s no stranger to [these attacks]. And no one handles it more adroitly than Hillary Clinton does. We saw it in 2008, we saw it in 2000 when she ran against Rick Lazio, and we’re seeing it today. It’s a reminder that she’s at her best and strongest when she’s under attack.”

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