Miscarrying while feminist

Stories of miscarriage shock are becoming more common. Not the surprise of miscarrying—that remains—but a woman’s realization that she cares about the “clump of cells” she carried. As Alexandra Kimball’s recent essay in Canada’s Globe and Mail reveals, a modern woman is surprised to discover that, according to feminism, the difference between the death of a child and of an aborted fetus is simply the mother’s intent to continue the pregnancy.

It is easy to say that her essay—“Unpregnant”—is yet another example of the re-definition of reality that Stella Morabito has described frequently and well. (In fact, an #OhStella hashtag is surfacing.) But the essential pretense of abortion, that a fetus has no humanity, has been an established understanding for some time. We are no longer redefining reality. That happened years ago. Now young women are rediscovering truth as we have our own children. We are putting the redefined reality to the test and finding it wanting…

Kimball says there was no question in her mind that the entity in her previous abortion had been a fetus while this miscarriage involved a daughter. There was no question because there could not be. She understands that, in a choice regime, woman defines all. Kimball just hasn’t taken responsibility for these god-like powers yet. There is far too much humbling horror on the other side of that realization. Best avoid it.

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