Dating technology spells doom for humanity

While that may seem like Ray Bradbury sci-fi territory, the effect app-dating already has on actual face-to-face interaction is real. Men don’t even need to talk to women in bars anymore: Why burn time getting to know a potential mate in a social setting when you can swipe through 30 profile pictures in the same amount of time with better results? Talking to women in public is going to become a quaint, bygone relic, reserved for retro fetishists such as guys who buy albums.

Now gone is the entire dating ritual, the weeks it takes you to work up the courage to ask a girl out. Trying on shirt after shirt until you find the one that may temporarily keep her from sprinting away from you. No more spending hours putting together a mix tape, then coincidentally having it on the right song when she gets in the car — but it has to be like 15 seconds into the song, so it’s not obvious you put the song on just for her. No more walking her to the door after a date without any idea what might transpire.

Today, everything is planned out, with all the details of the meeting negotiated ahead of time. And if the prospective partner isn’t willing to comply with specific demands, they are a mere swipe away from obsolescence.

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