Why evangelicals should vote for Trump if he gets the GOP nod

For instance: would any evangelicals vote for…

— King David knowing that he shagged Bathsheba (another man’s wife) and then had her husband offed? I doubt it. Can you imagine the field day CNN would have with that? Good Lawd!

— What about Moses? Moses killed a man, married a black woman, and had massive anger issues. Can you say “deal breaker” for most evangelicals?

— What if Samson were on the ticket? Samson dated a hooker, killed Cecil The Lion and had long hair. Can you imagine the melee that would ensue should some candidate have this Nazarite’s track record? OMG. Scandal aplenty for the fastidious among us. But … he was God’s choice and his Judge to lead an ancient Israel for a time.

— What about Abraham? This old patriarch constantly lied about being married to his wife. Not. Very. Presidential.

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