Rick Perry praises Cruz, rips Trump and Rubio in Iowa radio interview

“Marco Rubio is basically still open to a pathway to citizenship for those individuals who have come into this country illegally and I think I know how Iowa caucus goers pretty well, I think I know the primary voter in a Republican primary and this illegal immigration and those that would create a pathway to citizenship at this particular juncture even though Marco Rubio says it’s way down the road, that is still the third rail of politics in the Republican primary and I think again he has a very, very difficult time of divorcing himself from the work that he did with that Gang of Eight,” Perry said, referencing the Senate bill addressing immigration Rubio pushed for and then later abandoned.

“It’s kind of like Donald Trump and the Second Amendment,” Perry continued. “I mean, are you gonna trust someone who said they’re basically for a pathway to citizenship relative to Marco Rubio or are you gonna trust someone who said that they’re for an assault weapons ban? I mean, again, consistency of your positions—whether you’re Donald Trump, whether you’re Marco Rubio—and that’s one of the things I will say in Senator Cruz’s defense, that he has been a very, very consistent individual, day in and day out. He’s very disciplined.”

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