Yale tries to downplay video of students signing "petition" to repeal First Amendment

“There are a number of heavily edited prank videos like this one circulating lately in which someone surreptitiously records people while pretending to support a position that they actually oppose, and trying to get the individuals they speak with to agree with them,” Yale spokesperson Tom Conroy told Fox News in an email. “I have to acknowledge that I don’t take them seriously as an accurate representation of what every person interviewed or shown in the videos believes.”

Here’s another way to look at it, Mr. Conroy. Students attending one of the most prestigious universities in the nation should comprehend what it means to repeal the First Amendment when they’re asked. Perhaps, the truth of the matter is, many Yale students support its repeal.

But take heart, a few Yalies had the appropriate response, expressing sadness and shame at the video, Fox News reports.

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