Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio need to take a class in Trump politics

That’s right. He would have shrugged it off. He would have made a face and said “come on Bret. Look it’s very simple. I was trying to get what I wanted from a negotiation. I wanted to stop what they were doing and I got news for you, I did it.” And if Bret pressed him again, he would have waved his hands and said “I make deals. OK? That’s what I do. I know deals. And I worked this deal, and I won this deal, and that’s what Americans care about.”

And people would have loved him for it. He wouldn’t be on defense right now. You can learn from anyone, including Donald Trump. This is worth learning.

But it’s not just Ted. The same is true of Marco, and on the very same issue.

Dana Bash tried to pin Marco down over the question of “citizenship”, and Marco’s reply mostly, and correctly, dealt with the actual steps that would be involved in a person obtaining legal status.

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