Star Wars: Revenge of the Social Justice Warriors

Darth Vader was not based on James Earl Jones, nor was the actor who wore his suit black. George Lucas rightfully decided that Englishman David Prowse’s heavily accented and somewhat silly-sounding voice was nowhere near as powerful or intimidating as the role demanded. So he had Vader’s dialogue dubbed over by Jones, and the rest is history. A black man did not cut off the hand of a white man (Luke Skywalker) as suggested by Perry, as the character of Anakin Skywalker, Luke’s father (spoiler!) was white. Harris-Perry’s argument boils down to being about the color of Darth Vader’s costume and nothing more. #SithLivesMatter

Ever since the universally rejected prequels, race in Star Wars has been a topic of discussion for progressive elites, but it’s clear the aim of Social Justice Media is to bring it more into focus. “What does a black stormtrooper’s wielding a lightsaber finally say about ourselves and our culture?” the headlines will read. Black Lives Matter will start waving toy lightsabers during their protests while chanting, “Hans Up, Don’t Shoot First.”

We can surely expect our celebrity president to weigh in as well, not to mention our current crop of 2016 candidates. One can already imagine the Darth Trump graphics being created for “explainer” journalists and cable-news segments. Bernie Sanders will still say he finds the idea of a giant walking space dog to be unrealistic. The Hillary Clinton campaign is already focus-grouping to death the many ways she can tweet out to her fandom without coming off like Emperor Palpatine. If Ted Cruz appeared on the campaign trail dressed in Jedi robes, would it really surprise anyone?

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