Our gang: Is Bruce Jenner allowed to think for himself?

Our friends on the left spend a great deal of time insisting that “diversity is our strength,” but that is pure women-with-penises talk. What’s meant by “diversity” is “absolute conformity, ruthlessly enforced.”

Jenner, though, has not learned the rules of this game, and it is driving the self-appointed referees crazy. The fantasy doesn’t work without complete buy-in, and so Jenner’s nonconformist habits are the stuff of scandal: He remains a Republican. He is pretty mellow about pronouns. He thinks that it is important for a man in his situation to look like a woman rather than “a man in a dress” and sympathizes with people who are creeped out by stubble-faced stevedores in Manolo Blahniks. He’s pronounced himself conflicted on the question of homosexual marriage. On the matter of the social and legal status of men pretending to be women, he pronounced himself “pretty comfortable” with the situation here in the United States. (He resides in Malibu: “Pretty comfortable,” indeed.) Jenner’s relative conservatism and his Republican affiliation ought not be surprising — as my friend Rob Long says: “Of course Jenner’s a Republican. She’s a rich old white lady.”…

Under the current rules of the progressives’ game, a gay man’s mind — a black man’s mind, an immigrant’s mind, Bruce Jenner’s mind — is not his own. If you are a gay man, you are forbidden from finding your situation “pretty comfortable” and hence believing that it is more important to enact Marco Rubio’s national-security agenda than Hillary Rodham Clinton’s gay-rights agenda, whatever that is this week. That simply is not permitted. The price of enjoying the special status associated with cultural victimhood is mandatory conformity with the self-appointed progressive advocates who tell others what to think about you and tell you what to think about you, too.

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