Confirmed: It's easier to name "Star Wars" politicians than real politicians

“Name one member of the Star Wars Galactic Senate,” Perrault says to a fan who answers the trivia question with ease. Then the same fan is stumped by the follow-up question, which is to name any U.S. senator.

Other fans, all dressed in costumes, easily named members of the fictional Galactic Senate but couldn’t come up with one name of an actual U.S. senator.

A two-minute video includes only a handful of interviews with adult fans, but there were several more who didn’t make it into the final cut. Fandango declined to say what percentage of those interviewed were stymied by the simple questions about politics.

While the interviews took place over several days — fans have been lined up for a week already, though the film doesn’t open until Friday — Fandango didn’t post the video until Tuesday, just after the GOP debate began on CNN.

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