What were Farook and Malik doing in the four hours after the San Bernardino attack?

The movements are enigmatic, but it is possible that the terrorists contemplated returning to the scene of their earlier atrocity. Hundreds of first responders had gathered there, along with members of the media. The second attack might have been at the same location as the first one — a kind of suicide mission meant to inflict maximum casualties and add to the list of victims many people who wear a uniform.

“It’s certainly a possibility. That’s the question on all our minds. Where were they going?” said Redlands Police Sgt. Andy Capps, who was directly behind the SUV, took incoming fire and was one of the first officers to engage in the gun battle.

“They were clearly armored, and armed to kill more people. Whether they were ready for a fight with law enforcement or not, I don’t know. But they were armed to the teeth and they were ready for something, for sure,” Capps said late Monday. “We all just speculate like everybody else what we think their plans were and where they were going and where they had been.”

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