Did Trump kill the bump?

Not the infamous dance from the ’70s (though, who knows? It is possible). No I mean the “bump” that successful candidates get from winning The Iowa caucuses or the New Hampshire primary, a step up in attention and respect that fuels a candidate’s ambitions (and opens donors’ pockets) prior to the South Carolina primary, the Nevada Caucuses and the March 1 SEC Super Tuesday primary.

Has Trump so dominated media that even a win by Ted Cruz in Iowa or Chris Christie in New Hampshire would not have the impact it traditionally has had on the field? Donald Trump got to the media cupboard first, and the shelves may well be bare even in the unlikely event of a double Trump dump in the Hawkeye and Granite States.

That’s the wild card this year: The real estate mogul/author/reality television star’s massive “big footing” of all other would-be nominees in terms of “minutes discussed or on air” since debate season got underway on August 6. What has this massive media blitz done to the old rules, other than destroy them, that is? We know that. But what will the Trump tsunami leave on the shore after it recedes in February after voting begins?

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