The Paris attacks appear to have vaulted Donald Trump higher in the polls

Part of that is certainly that Ben Carson has plummeted. Since the day before the attacks, Carson’s polling average has fallen nearly five points, from 24.4 to 19.8. Trump has risen about 3 points, from 24.8 to 27.5.

It’s hard not to think that Trump’s hard line on everything has benefited him since the terror attacks in Paris. In the Post/ABC poll, white non-college graduates were 38 points more likely to say that they opposed resettling Syrian refugees in the United States — which is one of the groups among which Trump does the best. Among those who say they favor deporting undocumented immigrants, Trump leads by 25. Trump has spent the last week embroiled in a very public conversation about just how far he wants to go in cracking down on refugees, immigrants and terrorists — which is not likely to hurt him with his core base of support. As we noted last week, foreign policy was a noted point of weakness for Carson even before the attacks.