How Donald Trump inspired a 92-year-old to register to vote for the first time

“When I heard Donald Trump speak on TV, I thought ‘Lord, who in the world is that man?’ Well, he came back a few days later, and I said ‘Oh my god I believe God sent him to run this country and take care of it,’” Corum told ABC News.

So inspired by what she heard from Trump, Corum called her daughter and asked her to take her to the courthouse to register to vote — something that took her daughter by surprise.

“She said, ‘What? You ain’t never voted before,’ and I said, ‘I know it, but I am this time.’” Corum recalled. “So I went down there and registered, and I’m going to vote for Donald Trump, because I think he’s the man that’s going to bring America back to the way it was.”

Corum has already talked to Trump once on the phone and met with him another time in person. And when she talked to ABC News prior to introducing Trump on Monday night, she said she was excited, and describes the opportunity as a “great privilege.”