Will the Republican base tolerate Trump's latest attack on Carson?

Had traitor RINOs in the GOP establishment or godless liberals in the mainstream media told Iowa Republicans that the retired neurosurgeon is like a child molester and that his supporters are stupid, the base would’ve erupted with fury. It’s just like those coastal elites to be egregiously unfair to a nice man like Carson…

If a host on The View talked about Carson like that, she would be enemy number one on the talk radio right for weeks. Advocacy groups would use the videoclip in fundraising pitches. Masses on Facebook would furiously speak out in his defense. But I don’t know how GOP voters react to a harsh attack like that delivered by the other outsider primary favorite with a self-cultivated reputation for telling it like it is.

Isn’t Trump less fair to Carson than the liberal media, grassroots right? Yay or nay, it is as clear as ever that in contesting the GOP nomination he is willing to go scorched earth to win. The next Republican debate promises to be an interesting night.

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