Bill O'Reilly responds to George Will: The truth about President Reagan

So it is beyond a reasonable doubt that the meeting of March 2, 1987 did occur. And it is also a hard fact that Howard Baker purposely scrutinized Ronald Reagan’s every movement at that meeting, searching for signs of mental and physical dissipation. However, as we write in Killing Reagan the president turned that meeting into a triumph. He demonstrated to Baker and his other advisors that he was totally in command of important issues.

It is preposterous to assert that there wasn’t an intense concern about the president’s mental state shortly after the Iran Contra scandal broke. That is a fact, and it is disturbing that Reagan loyalists have attacked us for pointing it out.

But here’s something ever more troubling: the report written by James Cannon has disappeared. It is not in the Reagan Library, nor is it to be found in the papers of Howard Baker and Cannon. It is clear to us that someone did not want history to record it. It is also clear that misguided people are trying to distort the record by covering up a very important time in Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

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