Team Jeb Bush prepares to hand Ted Cruz the Republican nomination

The effect of this will be to hand Ted Cruz the Republican nomination. Cruz is consolidating conservative support and is going to get a huge bounce into the SEC Primary on March 1st where he will have Texas, plus Georgia and other southern states before Rubio and Bush even get to Florida to battle it out. This effort by Murphy will just hurt Rubio in later states with sizable establishment leaning votes when Rubio needs to overcome the early Cruz lead.

Mike Murphy has built a machine to get Jeb Bush elected and cannot get it done. More and more Republican voters have decided they will never, ever support Jeb Bush. The Bush Super PAC ads have done nothing to boost Bush’s popularity. As revenge for their “boy” becoming his own man, Mike Murphy intends to destroy Marco Rubio. If Bush can’t get the nomination, they will make sure Marco Rubio can’t either.