Claire McCaskill takes bold stand in favor of men shutting the hell up

What topics should men just shut up about? Don’t worry: McCaskill had a list. An incomplete catalog includes “what women do with their bodies,” “who the next James Bond should be,” Star Wars, selfies, pantsuits, millennials, “Star Wars again,” all art, carbs, and turkey brining. But she did throw in a little consolation prize for men: “If you can control yourselves and hold back from further expressing your opinions on any of these topics, we’ll let you keep weighing in on marijuana legalization — but that’s a huge, big ‘if.'” Brave? Foolish? Funny? All of the above? Watch below. But perhaps we’d have a better sense if Stephen Colbert invited one of McCaskill’s male colleagues on to give his list of topics men don’t want to hear women talk about anymore. Anyone? Anyone? Peter Weber

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