After SNL, I'm sick of Trump

Shame on all the show hosts, producers and executives at all the cable channels and networks who kiss up to Trump to have him call into their shows and do interviews.

And shame on us as a nation that we can’t get serious about picking a president — that we keep expecting candidates to give good media, to be, above all else, entertaining. Someone needs to throw cold water on us — or slap us in the face — and remind us that elections have consequences.

Trump’s performance tonight really doesn’t matter as far as I am concerned. I’d give him a “D-minus” if I had to grade it. He showed up and delivered the standard Donald Trump TV persona, which rates slightly better than an “F” — I guess. But I suspect his fans will think he did just fine.

I thought his awkwardness utterly destroyed a skit that was set two years into a Trump presidency and could have been funny. But then, maybe seeing Ivanka Trump in the skit set me off again about NBC, favored candidates and their entitled celebrity daughters.

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