Yes, Marco Rubio is the Republican Obama. And that's a good thing.

Obama’s lack of accomplishment in Senate didn’t prevent him from getting Obamacare passed and a host of other liberal legislation. While he hasn’t worked well with the Republican Congress, that is more because of his personal reluctance to compromise or schmooze lawmakers.

Nor have his perceived failings on foreign policy been the result of lack of experience as much as they have been due to his views. That Obama has sometimes been reluctant to advance American interests authoritatively with overseas military actions, as his critics maintain, is because he takes a more constrained view of America’s role in the world than other presidents before him.

Rubio isn’t lacking foreign policy experience compared to his opponents. He has more experience dealing with foreign affairs as a national-level politician than does all but one of the senators running. Serving on the Foreign Relations Committee, Rubio has made foreign policy a focus. Daniel Drezner, professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, analyzed an essay by Rubio on Russian policy and concluded, “It suggests that he not only knows something about foreign policy, but he’s also savvy to the politics of foreign policy.” He also noted that Rubio is more comfortable talking about foreign policy than the rest of the GOP field is.

A Republican Obama is just what the Grand Old Party needs to face a changing electorate.