"South Park" shows how to defeat the Social Justice Warriors

So this season, in recognition of the cultural cancer of political correctness burning through our mass media, they’re departing from the normal format of town conflicts’ being solved in one or sometimes two episodes: The plotline drawing out the hypocrisy of hyper-liberalized personalities’ shaming and bullying others into adopting their beliefs, while sheltering themselves from any criticism, happens over the course of three episodes.

They are on a season-long crusade to slay the beast. Permanently.

For them, this isn’t about liberal vs. conservative politics per se, and it would be a foolish thing for the political Right to attempt to lay claim to Parker and Stone (although, personally, I would hand the keys to the RNC over to them after last week’s CNBC debate debacle). We should, however, embrace what they are doing and sit back and admire it.

A culture of political correctness dominated by progressives depends on their ability to freely offend the sensibilities and beliefs of those with whom they disagree. Lena Dunham’s career presents a good example of how this works. When Dunham dons a Planned Parenthood lab coat and calls it a Halloween costume, she’s doing so explicitly to troll a pro-life, religious constituency.