Scarborough: No Republican has hosted a nightly network newscast or Sunday show in 50 years

JOE: — it’s okay, because you’re a Democrat and if you’re Tim Russert, it’s okay. All I am saying to you, and you can’t do it and nobody here can do it: name the single Republican that has hosted a Sunday show, that has been an anchor of a news network for the big three networks over the past 50 years: you can not do it! So we Republicans, what I’m explaining to you we’re told to sit back. —



JOE: Tony Snow, did he host, what, Fox News Sunday? 


JOE: Fox News Sunday. I just said ABC, CBS, NBC, you can’t do it and nobody out there, no media critic can do it. 

HALPERIN: I agree with you 100%. I’ve long said —

JOE: Well okay, you don’t sound like you agree with me.

HALPERIN: I’ve said from [inaudible]. There’s huge liberal media bias. Not just in the examples you’ve given but in less prominent people. All I’m saying is find the few people who don’t fit in that category and get objective journalists. 

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