Trump: Rubio is big tech's "puppet"

“Senator Rubio works for the lobbyists, not for Americans,” Donald Trump said in a post-debate print interview. “That is why he is receiving more money than anybody from Silicon Valley.” 

After a confusing answer on H-1B visas (for so-called “high-skilled” workers), in which he claimed he had not been critical in the past of pro-amnesty Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Trump moved to clarify his position in comments published on the website 

Regarding the familiar claims that the technology industry has a dearth of exceptional talent, Trump shot back: “We are graduating two times more students in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) than find jobs in those fields every year. We have a surplus of talented Americans and we need them to get jobs first.”

“He is their puppet,” Trump said of Rubio’s relationship with the big tech moguls.